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About the College

This is an institution which belives in higher standards of education and moral values in youth for producing better citizens for tomorrow’s society. Located in the heart of the city, Race Course, the college is easily accessible and is situated in a convenient neighborhood.


To be an international centre of excellence in character formation, intellectual growth and community development, building citizens for the nation.


The mission of Bishop Appasamy College is to be an international centre of education for professionally needy youth, by providing professional and value based teaching and individual care, enhanced with community development by being role models of international standards.

Message From Bishop & Chairman

It is my pleasure and privilege to present you with CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science Coimbatore for its achievements, accomplishments and honours in the previous academic years.

Rt.Rev. Timothy Ravinder

News & Events

  • Classes for the Second and third year students have started from 16.6.2016.

  • Admission for this academic year is in progress. Application can be got from our college office.
    NAAC SSR Report is uploaded in the website.


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